Our Values

Everyone is different

We operate to an important set of values that have served us well over the years:

Simple and straightforward approach: We always aim to ensure that our products are fair, and are explained in a clear way.

Commitment to service: We realise that good service isn’t only important at the point of sale. Our long-term products could last for more than 25 years, meaning that we must be there to support you over the lifespan of the product. It's easy to get in touch with us and talk to our friendly, experienced customer services team.

Our products are only available through advisers: Given the long-term nature of the products we sell, we believe that it is vital that each of our new clients seeks some assistance in understanding fully the implication of entering into one of these plans. More importantly, it means that our products have to compare favourably with the rest of the market, and that they offer value for money.