Property eligibility

Is my property eligible for equity release purposes?

Your property must form a suitable security for the lifetime mortgage.

Summary of acceptable property types

Type of property
  • Houses (freehold or leasehold)
  • Bungalows (freehold or leasehold)
  • Flats (leasehold)
  • Maisonettes (leasehold)

Depending on the product you choose, there must be a minimum of between 90 and 99 years unexpired term on your property's lease.

If your property is a flat, it must be in a private block of 7 stories or fewer.

Construction method

Your property must be of standard traditional construction:

  • Walls – brick, stone or block
  • Roof – concrete, slate or stone tiles
Past events

Your property must not have recently been affected by flooding, subsidence or other structural issues.

This table is only a summary. Please click here for our detailed property eligibility factsheets.

If you have any doubts as to whether your property is acceptable to us, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

These products are lifetime mortgages. To understand their features and risks, ask your Financial Adviser for a personalised illustration.

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